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Email Clients

Email Clients

Email Clients refers to the software that you mail setup and install on your computer to send and receive emails

Web mail


You have to access this email service from the Internet.



For those handling one email account and email client, POP (Post Office Protocol) is the best option

Email protocol

Email protocols

Systems that are responsible for retrieval your email and mail setup are email protocols.

IMAP Settings


IMAP is Internet Mail Access Protocol and is the oldest email protocol known.

Exchange Email Setup


Microsoft’s email protocol is Exchange.

Best Email Software Guide

Best Email Software

Some email apps are the best email setup for using on your computer. They perform well as desktop apps than on mobile devices.

Best email app for iphone

Best Email App for iPhone

While the iPhone has its own Mail app built into the device, some users install other mail apps for a better experience.

Best email app for android

Best Email App for Android

Although your smartphone comes with a pre-installed email app, there are several email apps available in the Play store

How To Start An Email

Network Solutions Email Login

How to delete all emails in gmail

How to Delete All Emails in Gmail

To delete all emails on gmail follow these steps:

Open the Gmail app.Select the inbox tab you want to delete.You’ll find the Empty Box button over the Compose button.

How to change email password

How to Change Email Password

Steps to follow to change the password on Email

Log into the email website.Click the account name and go to your profile .Head to Settings Security & Privacy Change password .

How to change email address

How to Change Email Address

On the device’s Settings app ,navigate to Google Google Account .Tap Personal Info Contact Info Email .

How to Fax from Email

How to Fax from Email

Tap the sign in Gmail and compose.Enter the recipient’s fax number followed by the domain of your fax provider in the To field

Setup and Solutions

What does cc mean in email

What does CC mean in Email

If you want everyone to explicitly see the copy of the information sent via email, you can enter the required mail addresses in the CC (Carbon Copy ) tab. This is one of the main aspect in email setup. This way the original recipients know to whom the copies of the mail are sent.

How to setup email on iphone

How to setup email on iphone

On the home screen, go to Settings .Select the Mail ,Contacts , Calendars tab .Move to the Accounts section and click Add Account .Choose the email account type.Pick one of the given email setup and services or tap Other.

How to add email to iphone

How to Add Email to iPhone

Here’s how your email provider can automatically set up an email account on your iPhone iPhone.

How to delete all emails on iphone

How to Delete All Emails on iPhone

Free up the inbox space by deleting the overflowing unwanted email setup .

How to block emails on iphone

How to Block Emails on iPhone

Blocking an Email address sends further mail from the sender to Spam folder. On the Email app, you can block Emails as follows..

Change Apple ID Email

How to Change Apple ID Email

Visit My Apple ID .Press Manage Your Apple ID and sign in to your account

Email Settings With Android

How to Setup Email Android

Setup Email on Android

Email Setup on Android is a very simple task. Most of the email services have their own app that can be installed on smart phones, thereby you can have quick access to your emails. Simply open the app, and start sending emails.

how to change Email password

Change Email Password on Android

It is recommended that the password be regularly changed to keep away hackers. Tech experts, advice email users to pick a strong password that has a minimum of 8 characters, including alphabets, numbers, and symbols. Make sure not to choose a password after your personal details such as name, birthday, & phone number since it becomes easy to guess.

Email Spam Blocker

Email Spam Blocker for Android

If you receive frequent emails from companies you do not know of; they are probably spam messages. Reporting it to the Email Service Provider will prevent such occurrences in the future.

How to Remove Email

Remove Email Account from Android

Refer to the following method if you’re looking to remove an existing email account from most Android devices. Though the software appearance varies across different manufacturers, here is the most common method for the removal process, through this you'll have a hassle free email setup experience.

Fix Email Issues

How to encrypt email

How to Encrypt Email

In order to prevent third parties from reading your mail content, you need email encryption, which is basically digitizing the information within.  

How to stop spam emails

How to Stop Spam Emails

There are not many ways to prevent spam from piling up in your Inbox. Here’s how you can filter out most of them.

Fix AT&T Email Error 0x800CCC0F

Fix AT&T Email Error 0x800CCC0F

AT&T Email error 0x800CCC0F occurs when mails are not being sent or received through AT&T services. Due to the technical glitches causing it, many mail setup and email functions are disabled. The computer’s Operating System might get frozen.