Aol Not Receiving Emails

Why Is Aol Not Receiving Emails?

A division of Verizon Communication, AOL Mail is one of the free web-based email service providers. You can send and receive emails easily and quickly using this email service. However, users encounter some issues when sending and receiving emails from/to AOL Mail. This page covers the AOL not receiving emails issue and how to fix it.

Some Causes Of This Issue Are:

  • Step 1: Misconfigured mail filter settings
  • Step 2: Delivery delay
  • Step 3: Problem with the AOL Mail account
  • Step 4: An issue with the AOL Mail server

Resolving The “AOL Not Receiving Emails” Issue

Method 1: Disabling The Mail Filters

Mail filter is a feature that helps you organize your emails into different categories. But, sometimes, this feature may also block the incoming emails from entering into the Inbox folder. If you have activated the mail filters on your AOL Mail account, deactivate them and ask the same sender to resend the email message.

Steps For Disabling The Mail Filters

  • Step 1: Sign in to your AOL Mail account.
  • Step 2: Go to the Options menu.
  • Step 3: Select the Mail Settings option.
  • Step 4: Click the Mail Filters menu.
  • Step 5: Choose the filter(s) that you want to remove and click the Trash icon beside it.

Now, ask your sender to resend the same email. If your AOL not receiving emails again, try the next method given below.

Method 2: Requesting Resend

  • Step 1: If the AOL Mail server is facing a server or heavy internet traffic issue, wait for it to be fixed from the service provider's side.
  • Step 2: After the issue is fixed, ask your sender to resend the email.
  • Step 3: If AOL Mail is not receiving emails for the first time, ask the sender to send the same message again within a few seconds or minutes.

Method 3: Checking The Spam Folder

Misconfigured mail settings might result in the sending of the non-spam emails to the Spam folder. So, check the Spam folder for the missing emails. If you find a missing one in the Spam folder, mark it as “not spam” to avoid this same issue from occurring in the future. To do this task, make use of the steps given here.

  • Step 1: Open the Spam Folder in your AOL Mail account.
  • Step 2: Locate and click on the email that doesn’t contain any spam content.
  • Step 3: Now, click the Not Spam button at the top of the screen.

To know more about how to fix the AOL Mail not receiving emails problem, click the Call Us or Call button provided on this page.

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