em Client Blocking Imap

em Client Blocking Imap

eM Client is a web-based client that is available for both the Mac and Windows operating systems. It was first developed as a proxy for other existing email clients and calendar solutions. eM Client was first established in 2006, but the initial release was in 2007. It requires a Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 for installation. The eM Client supports all the platforms, heavily favoring Gmail and apple mail.

The IMAP, expanded as an Internet Message Access Protocol, is used by the email clients to get messages from the mail server using the TCP/IP connection. The IMAP typically follows the port number 143, and the secured Shell (SSL) is always assigned with the port number 993. Many accessible mail servers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo support IMAP and POP3 settings. eM Client faces error off late, and it is regarding the eM Client blocking IMAP. Here are some common steps to enable IMAP in your eM Client.

Re-Check Email Configuration

  • Step 1: The error usually occurs if your IMAP is configured with the Gmail account.
  • Step 1: The essential step is to change the settings in the SMTP server to 465 with the SSL encryption.
  • Step 1: You can also change your port to 587 or 25 to check if it works.
  • Step 1: You can now check to see if your eM Client is working correctly.

How to Start an Email ?

Best email service

Best email software

Best email software

Some email apps are the best for using on your computer. They perform well as desktop apps than on mobile devices.

Check Antivirus

  • Step 1: Sometimes, the third-party antivirus applications can cause interference with the client. 
  • Step 1: The antivirus can stop you from sending mails.
  • Step 1: Make sure the antivirus programs do not block the eM Client.
  • Step 1: You can opt to disable the antivirus application temporarily or also remove and uninstall the antivirus from your system.
  • Step 1: It was reported that removing the antivirus for some time seems to work fine with the eM Client.
  • Step 1: If the problem resumes after you enable your antivirus, you can switch your antivirus to avoid further issues with the eM Client.

Change NOD32 Settings

  • Step 1:You might find the client won't be able to send mail not because it is blocked but because of specific security changes in the antivirus.
  • Step 1:You can change the settings in your antivirus,
  • Step 1:Open the antivirus and navigate to the NOD32.
  • Step 1:Click the Advanced Setup and click the option Web and Email.
  • Step 1:In the Email, under the Client tab, click the option IMAP, IMAPS.

Reinstall the eM Client

  • Step 1: The error can also be due to the damaged eM Client.
  • Step 1: It is better to uninstall the application and reinstall it to ensure there are no interruptions from the eM Client.
  • Step 1: You can uninstall the eM Client application from the program files in your folder.
  • Step 1: Doing this will remove all the files related to your eM Client from your PC.
  • Step 1: You can perform the installation again.
  • Step 1: Numerous third-party applications can be installed in your computer to uninstall the program like the commonly used IOBit Uninstaller.

Perform a Clean Boot

  • Step 1:Sometimes, third-party applications can come into play and interfere with the programs in your computer that also include the eM Client.
  • Step 1:To perform a clean boot, open the run command from the start menu on your computer.
  • Step 1:Press the Windows Key + R key together to open the run command.
  • Step 1:In the run command, enter msconfig and click OK.
  • Step 1:The system configuration will display a list of services from the services tab.
  • Step 1:Click the checkbox that reads Hide All Microsoft Services.
  • Step 1:Click the Disable All button.
  • Step 1:Under the Startup tab, click the option Open Task Manager.
  • Step 1:Right-click the first entry in the list and choose the option Disable.
  • Step 1:You can navigate to the system configuration window, and click Apply and OK to make changes to your system.
  • Step 1:Once done, you can restart your computer.

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