Login To Protonmail

How To Login To Protonmail?

Login To ProtonMail - It is one of those free email services that ensures secure email communication. The paid version of ProtonMail is also available and it has some additional features. This email service is an open-source service. ProtonMail stores only encrypted messages and it is not possible for hackers to decrypt them.

ProtonMail is very popular for ensuring the online privacy and security of its users. These two factors have always been and will be the core values of this email service. In other words, we can say that ProtonMail strives every single day to protect and safeguard your rights online.

Logging into ProtonMail is quite easy and you can do it just as you do for other email services. However, many users have been facing some issues while logging into ProtonMail and these problems can be averted by using the proper login procedure.

When it was first introduced, ProtonMail was using the two-password system. However, a few years ago, it switched to the one-password method for logging into a user account. Although the one-password system is considered as the default one, you can switch between both the modes as you wish. Let us see how both these methods of logging in.

One Password Mode

This mode makes it easier for you to log into your ProtonMail account. In case your account has been created after November 2016, you are already in the one password mode by default. However, if it was created before that time (it means you have an older account), you can easily change over to the one password mode (from the two password mode) to login to ProtonMail.

  • Step 1:In the main window of ProtonMail, select the Account option from the left pane.
  • Step 2:Click on Settings located at the top menu bar.
  • Step 3:Under Login password, click on the Switch To One-Password Mode button.
  • Step 4:Now, ProtonMail will prompt you to type in your current Login password.
  • Step 5:A new screen will be displayed on which you have to set your new single password.
  • Step 6:Finally, click on the Save button.
  • Step 7:You have now switched over to the one password mode.

You can use your single password to log into ProtonMail in the future. Thus, you have seen one method to login to ProtonMail.

Two Password Mode:

You can quickly change over to the two password mode by going to Account and then choosing Settings in the main window of ProtonMail (Just as you did for switching over to the one password mode).

Although this mode has got many security benefits when compared to the one password mode, ProtonMail still recommends the latter for its users.

In the two password mode, you will have to set a Login and a Mailbox password. The Login password will verify the identity of the user. It authenticates you and then logs you into ProtonMail’s secure system. The Mailbox password ensures that your personal data is not revealed to third parties. This password will unlock and then decrypt your encrypted messages (locally).

Once you have set both the Login and Mailbox passwords, you can use them to log into ProtonMail. So, you have seen another method to login to ProtonMail.

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