How To Send An Anonymous Email?

How To Send An Anonymous Email?

There might be several reasons to send an anonymous email. If you want to send one, then there are free several online services that permit you to send anonymous emails. Here we have mentioned few methods to know how to send an anonymous email.

Using Burner Email Account And A VPN

Utilizing a webmail account like Gmail to send an unknown Email is the best choice. You can send a Gmail account without revealing your details. After that, you can use that email address as a burner account.

Moreover, when you send an anonymous email from Gmail, the email header's beginning IP address will be the Google server address, instead of your IP address. It will not reveal the source of the email.

Using Your Email Client And A VPN

The second method to send an anonymous email is from your email account configured in an email client application. There are three stages to ensure that you stay hidden:

  • Step 1: Open the email client application.
  • Step 2: Make sure you are connected to a VPN on your computer.
  • Step 3: Now, log into your email account, compose the email messages, and send it to the recipient.
  • Step 4: Your IP address won’t be affixed to the header of the email message, when the VPN is turned on.
  • Step 5: So, if someone tries to find your identity, they cannot find it.

Use AnonEmail To Send Unknown Email

AnonEmail is a new email service provided by AnonyMouse. The AnonEmail service permits you to send anonymous messages. When you send an email using this service, the email message is sent through random nodes, making it difficult to track your IP address.

Also, you can try other services that ensue to hide your identity while sending your email message. If you need remote assistance on how to send an anonymous email, click the call button.

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