How To Send An Anonymous Email

How To Send An Anonymous Email?

Are you looking forward to sending an email without revealing your identity? Although emails are designed to provide identifiable two-way communication, it is necessary to send anonymous emails sometimes. There are many ways on how to send an anonymous email. Here, we have given a few solutions.

Make Use Of a Burner Email Account And a VPN:

Using a free webmail account like Gmail or Yahoo for sending an anonymous email might be a great option, but you need a real phone number to send a verification code. In such cases, burner emails will be handy as they allow you to send and receive an email without revealing your identity. Usually, the burner emails expire and destroy themselves after a certain period of time. In addition, the burner email allows you to send a message without creating an account that could link to you.

To increase your privacy, use a virtual private network (VPN). Once you have connected to the VPN, your IP address will be secure. When you are using Gmail or Yahoo as burner emails without a VPN, the Google server will appear near your location if the IP address is traced. To overcome this issue, use the VPN service.

Use An Encrypted Email:

There are various email service providers for encrypted emails. Our steps on how to send an anonymous email will give you a different perspective on this. You can use ProtonMail to send your emails securely and keep them anonymous at all times. These are the core features in ProtonMail.

  • Step 1:End-to-End encryption
  • Step 2:Private User Data
  • Step 3:Open-Source Cryptography

Use Your Email Client And a VPN:

This is another method for sending anonymous emails. You can use the email client installed on your computer. Make sure that you remain anonymous while signing up for a throwaway email address. Once you have set up your email account, install and connect to a VPN service. The email header will show your VPN address instead of your original IP address in the email header.

Now you must have an idea on how to send an anonymous email. In case you are looking for some other ways to send anonymous emails, try some email services like AnonyMouse. Make sure that it suits your requirements and offers a quick fix.

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