How To Stop Mail Popping Up On Mac


When emails keep popping up on your Mac, it will be distracting. However, with the proper solutions, you can fix the issue in an easier way. The following solutions can help you How To Stop Mail Popping Up On Mac computer. So, read this article and fix the issue.


  • Step 1:In the corner section of your Mac, click the Apple menu and select the System Preferences option.
  • Step 2:In the System Preferences window, select the Software Update option. 
  • Step 3:On the Software Update screen, click the Update Now button.
  • Step 4:Once you have updated your macOS, check whether the issue is resolved.
  • Step 5:If you cannot locate the Software Update option in the System Preferences window, you should go to the App Store to get the updates.


When your Mail app is misconfigured, emails may pop up and interfere with your work. To fix the issue, you need to make a few changes in the Mail App and macOS settings.

Changes to be made in the Mail App

  • Step 1:Open the Mail app and click Preferences> General. 
  • Step 2:In the Check for New Messages drop-down menu, set the value to Manually. From now on, you can see new messages only when you click on the Get Mail button.
  • Step 3:On the same page, deselect the box next to the option “Prefer opening messages in split view when in full screen.”
  • Step 4:Now go to the Rules section and check whether you have set any rules to trigger the notifications. If you have made such a mistake, remove that specific rule by clicking the minus sign.

Changes to be made in the macOS settings

  • Step 1:Click the Apple icon and select System Preferences.
  • Step 2:Click Mission Control and uncheck the Displays have separate Spaces option. 
  • Step 3:Again, go to the System Preferences page and click the Users & Groups option.
  • Step 4:Click Login Items and click the Remove option next to your Mail app; this step will prevent the Mail app from opening automatically after you log in to your macOS.
  • Step 5:Once done, restart your Mac by clicking Apple menu> Restart.
  • Step 6:When your Mac starts up, the Mail app will not open automatically, and you will not see any pop-up emails.


  • Step 1:When two software use the same protocol and resources, they will start to conflict with each other. 
  • Step 2:You might have encountered such a scenario when you have installed two antivirus programs on your computer. Similarly, the Mail app may start to conflict with the third-party email software installed on your computer. 
  • Step 3:To fix this issue, uninstall the third-party email software from your computer and then try using the Mail app again.


  • Step 1:Sometimes, the settings in Google Calendar may cause emails to pop up on your Mac.
  • Step 2:To fix the issue, visit Google Calendar and log in to your account.
  • Step 3:Click the Settings icon and select Calendar.
  • Step 4:In the General Notification section, turn off all the notifications.


When you generate a new app password for Gmail, you can fix the problem to some extent. Follow the instructions below to proceed further:

  • Step 1:On your Mac computer, open the Mail app and click the Mail option.
  • Step 2:Click Preferences> Accounts.
  • Step 3:Select your Gmail account and click the minus icon.
  • Step 4:Close the app and launch it again. Then, click the Mail option and select Preferences> Accounts.
  • Step 5:Click the Plus icon and select the Other Mail Account option.
  • Step 6:Enter your email address and sign in to it.
  • Step 7:Click the Security option and go to the Signing into Google section.
  • Step 8:Now, generate an app-specific password for your Mail app. Again, sign in to your Gmail account on your Mail app.


  • Step 1:To begin with, remove your Gmail account from the Mail app.
  • Step 2:Log in to your Gmail account from your web browser.
  • Step 3:Click the Settings option and click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option.
  • Step 4:Go to the Settings section and click the Add a forwarding address option.
  • Step 5:Now, enter your primary email address and click Next> Proceed> OK.
  • Step 6:Check your primary email address and click on the verification link.
  • Step 7:Now, go back to the Gmail settings page and refresh it.
  • Step 8:Again, click Forwarding and POP/IMAP and scroll down to the Forwarding section.
  • Step 9:Select the Forward a copy of the incoming email to option and choose the Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox option.
  • Step 10:Finally, click Save Changes.


  • Step 1:Sometimes, you can fix the whole issue by quitting the Mail app.
  • Step 2:Press and hold the Option, Command, and Esc keys together to open the Force Quit window.
  • Step 3:In the Force Quit Application section, select the Mail app and click the Force Quit button.
  • Step 4:This will stop the Mail app. Relaunch the app and check whether the issue is resolved.


  • Step 1:If you have already opened the Mail app before you shut down your Mac, the app may resume its function when you turn on your Mac.
  • Step 2:To fix this issue, go to the System Preferences section and click the General option.
  • Step 3:Check Close window when quitting an option.
  • Step 4:This step will close the Mail app as soon as you finish using it.


  • Step 1:Restarting your Mac in safe mode can help you resolve most problems.
  • Step 2:To proceed further, click the Apple menu and select the Restart option.
  • Step 3:When the Apple logo appears, press the Shift key immediately.
  • Step 4:When the login window appears, release the Shift key.
  • Step 4:Once your macOS is fully loaded, restart it by clicking the Restart option.

These troubleshooting solutions will help you How To Stop Mail Popping Up On Mac. If you still cannot stop them, contact us for expert advice.

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