HubSpot Error Codes

How To Fix HubSpot Error Codes?

This web page covers the common HubSpot error codes and their solutions.

HubSpot is a company that develops software for inbound marketing, sales, and other customer-related services. Like any other software, HubSpot also encounters some of the common errors listed here: 401 unauthorized, 403 forbidden, 429 too many requests, and 502/504 timeouts.

Error Code: 401 Unauthorized

  • This error code indicates that the entered details are invalid. 
  • Reenter the correct details in the given fields and check if this error is resolved. 
  • Before reentering the data, refer to the HubSpot authentication API requests to confirm that you’re entering the details that meet the HubSpot requirements.

Error Code: 403 Forbidden

  • While accessing a specific URL that is blocked by your authentication, then the error 403 is displayed on the screen. 
  • To resolve this error, modify the authentication settings to allow access to that specific URL.

Error Code: 429 Too Many Requests

  • If your HubSpot account or app has reached the request limit more than the API rate limits, then the error 429 is displayed on the screen.
  • Refer to the HubSpot suggestion lists to know the maximum limit.

Error Code: 502/504 Timeouts

  • When you make a large number of requests over a sustained period, the error 502/504 is displayed on the screen. 
  • Pausing or stopping the on-going request for few seconds is the easiest way to resolve this error.
  • After pausing the request for few seconds, retry to send the request. If the same HubSpot error code 502/504 is displayed on the screen, then contact us to clear it.

Apart from the above-mentioned HubSpot error codes, there is also a chance for some other issues to occur in HubSpot. The file import error is another common error encountered by most HubSpot users. Based on the reason for this error, the solution varies. To identify the reason for the File import error, follow the below instructions.

  • Sign in to your HubSpot account first.
  • Go to Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets, or products.
  • Click Import > Action > Download error file.
  • Now, extract the downloaded error CSV file and open it.
  • Navigate to the Reason column.
  • The reason for the HubSpot File import error code will be displayed. To clear the File import error, contact us.

To get remote assistance on resolving the HubSpot error codes, contact us.

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