Protonmail Authentication Logs

How To Use Protonmail Authentication Logs?

ProtonMail offers you some security features that allow you to monitor the login activity of your account. In case you are bothered that there is some suspicious activity on your ProtonMail account, you can follow such activity using your Authentication Logs. The ProtonMail Authentication Logs will be set to Basic by default. You also have the facility of altering the settings for these Authentication Logs.

Now, let us understand and make the best use of your Authentication Logs. The instructions given below will help you do the same:

  • 1. Disable
  • 2. Basic
  • 3. Advanced

In case you make any changes, a prompt will appear on your screen, and it will request you to enter your login password to confirm all your changes.

Let us now see what activities can be done using the above three Authentication Logs

The Basic Logs

  • Step 1: The Basic logs give you information about the events that take place in your ProtonMail account. The dates and timings of these events will also be provided by the Basic logs.
  • Step 2: The events can be any of these three: Login success, Logout, or Login failed.

The Advanced Logs

  • Step 1: The Advanced logs will provide you with the same information as the Basic logs. In addition, the Advanced logs will give you the IP addresses of the events that take place.
  • Step 2: NOTE: If you have the Authentication Logs enabled on your account, you can download the logs or delete them.
  • Step 3: You can click on the Disable button to disable your Authentication Logs. Once you click on the Disable button, you will see a pop-up that asks for your confirmation. After you click on the CONFIRM button, you will be prompted to enter your login password.
  • Step 4: IMPORTANT NOTE: When you disable your Authentication logs, it will result in the deletion of those logs.

We have now discussed the ProtonMail Authentication Logs and seen how to make the best use of them.

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