ProtonMail Decryption Error

Resolve ProtonMail Decryption Error

ProtonMail Decryption error - In today's world, all the data transferred over the Internet are encrypted for security reasons and this is done in particular by all the email services. The encrypt email messages are decrypted only if accessed by the authentic recipient.

Encryption in ProtonMail:

ProtonMail also uses the same method to read the messages because its mailbox is encrypted. The user password is the source to open or decrypt ProtonMail emails.

But users face decryption errors when they forget their password. So the user has to reset the password to fix this issue.

If you reset your password, you can access your mailbox, but unfortunately, you cannot decrypt the old emails that you had opened using the old password. At this time, you may get the decryption error, which means you have last your emails too.

However, it is possible to recover your existing emails and decrypt them if you remember your old password.

ProtonMail Passwords:

ProtonMail was initially released, with two passwords one for Login Password and another for Mailbox password. It was created for security reasons to ensure end-to-end encryption.

If your account is created after November 2016, you will have One Password Mode where you need not remember two passwords, one for Login and another for the mailbox.

If you have started the account before November 2016, you can activate One Password Mode within the Account tab of the Settings in your account.

Encryption Keys in ProtonMail:

To get your private keys, go to Settings while logged in at and then click on the "Keys" section.

There Are Two Types Of keys

  • Step 1:Email encryption keys
  • Step 2:Contact encryption keys.

When the key page displays, it shows all the encryption keys that are active and inactive. Once you reset your password either in single mode or in two password mode, the previous encryption key will be automatically deactivated and the new encryption key will be active.

If you want to read your old message, then you have to activate your old key. For this, you have to remember your old password for single-mode and mailbox password for two password mode.

Click on reactive. It will prompt you to enter your password and then you have to enter the old password that you kept when you received the mail. Now you will be able to read your old messages as well. Now your ProtonMail decryption error is successfully resolved.

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