Protonmail Verification Failed Error

Why My Protonmail Verification Failed Error Occur?

Protonmail verification failed error - ProtonMail uses various features to protect its client from threats. Likewise, encryption is one of the features to protect your messages from strangers. Sometimes if a mail comes from a known address, it doesn't mean that the same person has sent it to you. To secure your devices and mails, ProtonMail has introduced digital signature verification. When a digital signature is added to a mail, it ensures that the mail cannot be tampered with.

Suppose you have enabled the Address Verification with Trusted Keys feature, then ProtonMail will alert you an error message if the digital signature check fails. The error message is "Sender Verification Failed." Let's see how it works

If the sender has sent using trusted keys, then ProtonMail will verify the signature automatically. If it's from the valid sender with a valid signature, a warning sign will not be seen next to the sender’s email address, or else you can see a red alert sign next to the sender’s email address. Similarly, if the signature is not valid, you could see the red alert sign near the email attachments as well.

Why Sender Verification Error Occurs?

There are many reasons for the ProtonMail verification failed message occurs. Some of them are as follows.

  • Step 1: The sender might have changed his password while login to Protonmail. When the password for the email account is changed, the encryption key will also be changed. Thus, when the email is received, it won’t match the existing encryption key and you will see the “sender verification” error message. So, if you see the sender verification error message make sure that your sender has changed his password and accept the new encryption key to clear the error message.
  • Step 2: The second common mistake is the sender might have reset his encryption key. Before trusting the new key, verify that the sender has reset the encryption key.

If you have been clarified that no such changes have been made, and still you get the error, then the account might have been compromised. So, don't trust the email until you get to confirm the content of the email. You can even call our technical support to resolve your Protonmail verification failed error.

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