How To Enable Rediffmail 2-Step Verification?

Rediffmail 2-Step Verification

Rediffmail 2-step verification is also known as TFA, T-FA, or 2FA. This requires two steps of evidence to prove that you are the one who is accessing your Rediffmail email account. Two-factor authentication helps to reduce the probability that the user is presenting false evidence of their identity. Some may confuse this with other forms of authentication. Using two independent evidence instead of two iterations of the same means is referred to as the two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication is used only for security purposes. The chance of someone else accessing your email account is high when you use public Wi-Fi. Also, if you set the same password for your email account, social networking accounts, e-commerce site profiles, and other online profiles, then the password becomes vulnerable. To overcome this problem, the Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is included for most of the email accounts, including Rediffmail. TFA ensures that only the owner is trying to access the email account.

You can enable Two Factor Authentication (TFA) for your Rediffmail email account. To do this, access the admin panel and click the Domain level management option followed by the Feature Access Restriction option.

If needed, you can access the Rediffmail email account from any other device to know how it works. While you log in, after entering the login details of the email account, you will receive a four-digit pass-code to your registered mobile number. You have to enter this four-digit pass-code in the appropriate field. You will be logged in to access the mailbox of the Rediffmail email account only when both the password and pass-code are correct. Two Factor Authentication plays a vital role when you use the Auto-Forward feature and when you try to change security settings like changing the Rediffmail email password. Similarly, if you have forgotten your email password, then you can easily recover your email account by resetting the password, and for that as well, you need Rediffmail 2-step verification.

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