How To Fix Rediffmail Login Error?

Rediffmail Login Error

Steps To Resolve

The most common reason behind the Rediffmail login error might be your Internet connection. Check whether the Internet connection is stable by accessing any website using a web browser. If the internet connection is slow, troubleshoot it.

You might see the ‘Sorry! We are not able to sign you in at this time. Please try after some time’ message when you try to log into your Rediffmail email account. Some of the Rediffmail users have experienced this problem. The problem is with the Rediffmail server. Any of your data will not be lost due to this problem. Wait for a while and try to access your Rediffmail email account.

If you cannot access the Rediffmail email account for a long time and still, the error persists, recover the email password by performing the guidelines given here.

  • Step 1:Launch a web browser and go to the login page of Rediffmail.
  • Step 2:Click the Forgot Password link.
  • Step 3:Provide your Rediffmail account’s email address or username in the appropriate field and click the Submit option.
  • Step 4:Fill the Date of Birth, City, and Country fields. The entered details must be the same as you provided in the Registration form while creating the email account.
  • Step 5:Enter the correct answer to your hint question for confirmation.
  • Step 6:Once you click the Submit option, a new password will be generated on the screen.
  • Step 7:Use this new password to access the Rediff email account.

Email accounts are essential nowadays for personal as well as business needs. It is better to back up all your data and contacts of your Rediffmail email account in case of any problem. To do this, carry out the easy steps provided here.

Back Up Rediffmail Account

  • Step 1:To back up your Rediffmail email account, you need to enable POP3. But, the POP3 service is a paid one and the payment is on an annual basis.
  • Step 2:After activating the POP3 service, download the contacts and emails to your desktop email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. If you need remote assistance to fix Rediffmail login error, click the call button available on the screen.

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