SMTP Relay Error

How To Fix SMTP Relay Error?

These are the following SMTP relay error messages.

  • Step 1: Mail relay denied
  • Step 2: Invalid credentials for relay
  • Step 3: Daily SMTP relay limit exceeded for customer
  • Step 4: Peak SMTP relay exceeded for customer
  • Step 5: Daily SMTP relay limit exceeded for user
  • Step 6: To resolve these SMTP relay service error messages, perform the troubleshooting steps provided on our web page.

Mail relay denied:

  • Step 1: This Error ======= might occur if your email domain or IP is not registered.
  • Step 2: Check if the domain with the policy is configured and identified properly.

Invalid credentials for relay:

  • Step 1: The IP address that you have registered must match with the email domain that you have used to send the emails.
  • Step 2: The mail server needs to be configured in such a way to use SMTP AUTH.

Daily SMTP relay limit exceeded for customer:

  • Step 1: If the customer has reached the maximum SMTP relay limit.
  • Step 2: Check for the SMTP Relay service setting and find the maximum limit.

SMTP error 550:

  • Step 1: This SMTP relay service error occurs if you cannot reach the email address of the recipient.
  • Step 2: The SMTP server might not be considering your email address as the valid one.
  • Step 3: A few causes are listed here.
  • Step 4: Email client is not configured correctly
  • Step 5: Incorrect SMTP password
  • Step 6: Not using the correct protocol such as SMTP-AUTH by the email client while sending the emails.
  • Step 7: The instructions to resolve the SMTP relay error 550 - Relay Denied problem are mentioned here.

SMTP Authentication:

  • Step 1: You have to check the authentication method for the SMTP server.
  • Step 2: Some mail servers use POP3 before sending the emails, whereas some require login credentials like username and password to sign into SMTP.
  • Step 3: Most of the email clients have either the Autodiscover or Autodetect feature to set up the SMTP Authentication method.
  • Step 4: You can setup SMTP manually or automatically.
  • Step 5: Additional authentication methods for the SMTP server:
  • Step 6: None
  • Step 7: Plaintext password
  • Step 8: Encrypted password
  • Step 9: NTLM

SMTP port:

  • Step 1: The standard port for SMTP is 25 and it is the commonly used port by a few of the email clients.
  • Step 2: You can configure the SMTP services with the following ports.
  • Step 3: 587
  • Step 4: 465
  • Step 5: 2525
  • Step 6: If you send the email behind a firewall, check if the configured port is open on the firewall. This will allow the traffic to pass through.

SSL method:

  • Step 1: You can Automatically set up the SMTP service by enabling the Autodiscover or Autodetect feature.
  • Step 2: The automatic setup of SMTP is considered as the reliable one.
  • Step 3: If the SMTP relay service error persists, manually set up the SMTP service.
  • Step 4: The following available authentications for the SMTP server are given.
  • Step 5: None
  • Step 6: STARTTLS
  • Step 7: SSL/TLS

IP address:

  • Step 1: If the SMTP relay service error is not occurring while sending the email from a different location, the SMTP server is set up only to a specific IP address.
  • Step 2: This happens due to the firewall. The firewall will block SMTP traffic to prevent spamming.
  • Step 3: Check if the SMTP relay error has been resolved.

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