SMTP Response Codes

SMTP Response Codes

  • Step 1: If you wonder what the SMTP response codes are all about, then go through the collection of data discussed below.
  • Step 2: Sometimes, the SMTP response code helps you to identify the reason behind your email message bounce or why you’re receiving an SMTP error while sending a mail.
  • Step 3: SMTP response code is nothing but a code delivered by the receiving mail server when the email program makes a request. The SMTP response code consists of three digits.
  • Step 4: The first digit or number indicates the server’s action. Whether the server accepted the command, fulfilled an action, encountered an error, etc., The first digit of the code ranges from 1 to 5. Each number denotes each action.
  • Step 5: The second digit of the code provides the SMTP error information in detail.
  • Step 6: The last or third digit of the codes provides information related to the mail transfer status.
  • Step 7: Some of the common SMTP response codes are discussed below.

SMTP Response Code 220:

This code indicates the SMTP server is ready for the mail transfer operation.

Response code 221: 

The connection to the mail server is ending. This happens only after the completion of the entire process. The end result can be a success or failure.

Response code 250:

The requested action is processed and completed successfully. This code is the usual response for all the requested actions.

Response code 354:

If the SMTP server is ready to accept the message itself, then this error code will be displayed on the screen.

Response code 451: 

If the requested command is aborted by a server error, due to receiving mail server's rules, then there is a chance for this code to be displayed on the screen.

Response code 452:

This code is returned when the requested command is aborted by the server due to insufficient system storage. To resolve this issue, review your mail messages and queue them to resent the mails.

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