Spark Email Backup

How To Do Spark Email Backup?

Spark is an email client/application for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), macOS, and Android, and is one of the best email clients for personal use. To know about Spark email backup, check out the below section

  • Step 1: You can add any email service providers such as Outlook, iCloud, Google, Yahoo, Exchange, and other IMAP accounts. You can set up and access any number of email accounts on Spark. Note: You cannot add the POP email account to the Spark email client. One of the main advantages of this email client is that it prioritizes all your email messages. Distraction-free email helps to reduce noise by notifying emails only from known persons.

Whenever You Access

Whenever you access the Spark’s Inbox folder, it will contact the email server for email messages. You can directly view and read the email messages from the server.

Spark does not have the Email Backup feature. The main reason is that all your email messages are not downloaded or stored on the device. You can view cached emails and attachments when connected to Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that you cannot save the cached emails locally, which means you cannot open the cached emails in a separate file. You cannot copy and paste the cached emails without accessing the email server. You can only read the cached emails when your device has no Internet access.

All the email messages that you have received and sent will be stored only on the email server. Some of the unique feature like Teams, Templates, or Send Later needs the email server support. If you are using any unique features, the corresponding email messages can be stored in an encrypted form. The Teams feature include shared emails, comments, shared drafts, shared links, and delegation facilities. If you need remote assistance about Spark email backup, click the call button

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