Thunderbird Unable To Connect To Your Imap Server

If you can't connect to your Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP server, try either of these following troubleshooting methods.

Solution 1

  • Step 1:Launch your web browser and try to log in to your Gmail. 
  • Step 2:Restart Thunderbird and enter your password again when prompted.
  • Step 3:Use Thunderbird Gmail as IMAP. 
  • Step 4:If that does not resolve the issue, go to solution 2.

Solution 2

  • Step 1:Open your Gmail and go to Account Settings.
  • Step 2:Select the Security tab and select the Account permission option.
  • Step 3:Access for less secure apps must be disabled, which must have been causing Thunderbird from connecting to your IMAP server. The option could have blocked Thunderbird.
  • Step 4:Click on Enable Access for less secure apps to check if this resolves the issue.

Solution 3

  • Step 1:Antivirus applications can also be a reason for not connecting Thunderbird to the IMAP servers.
  • Step 2:Try disabling antivirus application to see if you can access Thunderbird to IMAP server.

Solution 4

  • Step 1:The reason can also be as a result that the account may have exceeded the maximum number of connections to the server.
  • Step 2:To reduce the number of connections, use the advanced IMAP server settings.

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