USPS Tracking Not Updating For Priority Mail

Usps Tracking Not Updating For Priority Mail

If your USPS tracking not updating for priority Mail or you see the delivery status not update message, follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the issue.

  • Step 1: First, you need to verify whether you have entered the correct tracking number.
  • Step 2: You can find a tracking number from the Post Office shipping receipt, sales receipt if you bought insurance, USPS Email confirmation, USPS Tracking label, and the orange slip if you missed a USPS delivery.
  • Step 3: If you are getting the same message on the USPS dashboard even after entering the correct tracking number, then the problem must be with the mail service provider.
  • Step 4: The possible reasons for USPS not updating are missed out scanning of the package, weather conditions, missed out scan during the intermediary stops, unscannable or broken Barcode, and delay by the carrier.
  • Step 5: Usually, the shipping package will be scanned by the shipping carrier for updating. If it escaped from scanning during the shipping process, then the tracking would not be updated.
  • Step 6: There are even possibilities of a broken scanner, which in turn creates an improper scanner during the shipping time.
  • Step 7: Some external barriers, like weather condition, is also a reason for the delay of your shipping mail.
  • Step 8: So, it is recommended to wait for a week for the delivery of your mail. 
  • Step 9: Check the USPS mail tracking through different methods.
  • Step 10: Use USPS Tracking on the United States Postal Service site to track your mail through Online.
  • Step 11: Track through a text message on your mobile by texting the tracking number as the content of the message.
  • Step 12: You can also track using the USPS Mobile app.
  • Step 13: The USPS Mobile app is available in the Google Play Store app and the Apple App Store app. If you have further queries on USPS tracking not updating for priority mail issue, click the call button available on the screen.
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