Verizon Authentication Error

How To Fix Verizon Authentication Error?

Many Pixel users who utilize the Verizon Hotspot feature suddenly receive the “Authentication Failed. Please try again later” error message. There can be several reasons for this Verizon authentication error to occur.

A plan change might very well be the reason behind the issue. Some users tried resetting their network settings, but to no avail. Many tried removing the SIM card and restarting the phone, but without success. Most of the users did not know the reason behind the issue and tried many methods to resolve it. Some of them attempted reading through several threads, but again, they ended up without a proper solution.

To fix this Verizon authentication failed error, some users tried asking the Verizon service rep to remove the hotspot service from their accounts. When this was done, and the user tried turning on the hotspot, another error message popped up. This message stated, “To use Mobile Hotspot, please call customer service to subscribe.” Then, the Verizon service rep turned on the Mobile Hotspot again. And voila! The error vanished, and everything started functioning fine once again. Therefore, this seems to be the only solution for fixing the Verizon authentication failed error.

The bottom line is that if you are a user of the Verizon Pixel, Pixel 2, or a Pixel 3a phone, and you get the “Authentication Failed. Please try again later” error message, try this fix:

Turn on your mobile hotspot, ask Verizon to remove it from your phone, and then re-add it. This solution has helped many users who were facing the same problem.

You have now successfully fixed the Verizon authentication error.

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