Why People Prefer Outlook

Why People Prefer Outlook?

More and more people seem to switch over to Outlook from other email services. People often tend to compare Outlook with Gmail. They usually do this because several persons have turned their attention to Outlook from Gmail. And, many of them have started using Outlook for official purposes and are also thankful for the decision they have made. Although we can keep comparing Outlook with many other email services and email clients, we will stick to the differences between Outlook and Gmail. So, without much ado, let us discuss why people prefer Outlook email.

1. Effective Communication & Consistency

These days, emails have become the primary mode of communication at work. Many customers feel that Outlook is one place where all types of communication can be done while at work. It is also the one place where you can get all things done with comfort and ease.

Tasks Can Perform Using Outlook

  • Step 1: Scheduling meetings
  • Step 2: Getting more information about a contact
  • Step 3: Participating in online meetings
  • Step 4: Dialing into conference calls

For all of the above activities, Outlook is the hub for many employees and employers. Yet another advantage of using Outlook is the consistent experience that the customers have with the inbox. As people start Outlook every morning, this consistent look gets them going with minimal or no training. However, when we talk about Gmail, we can see that it keeps trying new things, for example, a new inbox or a new compose. Therefore, this is one reason why people prefer the Outlook email.

2. Offline Access To Emails

  • Step 1: With Outlook, you can work with your emails without bothering about being connected to the Internet. When people travel by air, the favorite work-related activity for many of them is to clear up all their email backlogs. Many of the travelers seem to work with Outlook during their travel. These persons can read and save replies to their emails just as they would while connected to the Internet. Their emails will then be sent to the recipients automatically once the Internet connection gets re-established.
  • Step 2: However, with Gmail, you must have an Internet connection for its proper functioning. If you don’t, you can access only the previous month’s emails (with Gmail offline). Outlook, on the other hand, does not have these limitations.
  • Step 3: So, we have seen yet another reason why people prefer Outlook to Gmail.

3. Organizing Your Emails Your Way

  • Step 1: People differ in the ways of organizing their emails. Some of them like to sort their folders alphabetically. Many others don’t fancy such kind of organizing. Some individuals want to locate their emails by searching the “bins.” Others would opt for a simple, ordinary search. The outcome is that many people are able to relate to folders in Outlook in a better manner.
  • Step 2: While using Gmail, the facilities to organize your emails are limited. You can only make use of the “labels” for such organizing purposes. And, most people find it unacceptable if they are asked to “relearn” the methods of organizing their emails.
  • Step 3: You can continue reading to know a few more reasons why people prefer the Outlook to Gmail.

4. Marking Important Emails

  • Step 1: Outlook gives you the option of flagging your emails. You can mark the important or urgent ones with a red exclamation mark. One Outlook customer has explained that when he sees this red exclamation mark, he will identify the emails to which he needs to give priority over the others. However, in Gmail, you cannot set such marks while composing the emails. So, people cannot get the right priority of attention to the critical/urgent emails from the recipients.
  • Step 2: In Outlook, you can also modify the level of urgency. For instance, you can change the importance of an email to “low,” which indicates a lack of urgency. Many Outlook customers (who have changed over from Gmail) state that these features make them much more productive when compared to those in Gmail..

5. Scheduling Your Meeting Rooms

  • Step 1: With Gmail, scheduling meeting resources is a cumbersome procedure with many stages. The process also involves using primary and secondary calendars. But in Outlook, you can easily schedule the resources like projectors, meeting rooms, etc. You just need to add such things as “resources” to your meeting. A resource added to the meeting will then work similar to any attendee. There is also the facility to auto-respond to meetings. You can even see the free/busy schedules.
  • Step 2: When people try to schedule meeting resources in Gmail, they end up getting annoyed and frustrated because it doesn’t support such wonderful and user-friendly options.
  • Step 3: So, by now, you would be well-versed with the reasons why people prefer Outlook to Gmail.

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