Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

Solved: Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

If your Yahoo mail not receiving emails, use the following steps to identify the issue and solve it.

1. Check Your Account:

  • Step 1:Check for any errors that may prevent emails from being received. 
  • Step 2:Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and send yourself an email. 
  • Step 3:If you receive that email, your account is working. 

2. Check Account Settings:

If you didn't receive the email that you sent to yourself, then go through the account settings.

Upgrade the device software:

  • Step 1:Using an older OS version can cause trouble in synchronizing the emails.
  • Step 2:Update the device software and try to access the mails in the Yahoo mail account.

Take a Look at the Spam Folder

  • Step 1:When you are not receiving emails, you need to check your Spam folder. 
  • Step 2:If you have an automatic bulk-email filter turned on, then the emails will be sent to the spam folder.

Yahoo Mail Filters 

  • Step 2:Yahoo uses filters to ensure you are receiving emails from a genuine sender. If not, Yahoo mail not receiving emails
  • Step 1:Sometimes, these filters fail to behave properly.
  • Step 2:If this happens, your Yahoo Mail account may not function properly.

Check Your Blocked Address List

  • Step 1:The other reason you are no more receiving emails from a particular sender is that you have put his/her email address on the block list. 
  • Step 1:No matter whether it was done intentionally or not, you have to unblock the email address. 
  • Step 2:Go to the "Security and Privacy" settings to block or unblock email addresses.

Reset Your Web Browser 

  • Step 1:Sometimes, your browser is filled with cookies and data over a period that might affect how websites behave. 
  • Step 2:Reset your web browser and see if you are able to receive emails in your Yahoo Mail account.

Check senders Account

When all the above checks are clear and there's no such error from your side, request the sender to check their account. Maybe, the problem is on the sender's side. 

3. Emails Not Receiving on a Mobile Browser

Ensure your mobile web browser is working fine. If there's something wrong with it, Yahoo mail not receiving emails.

  • Step 1:Make sure you a using a supported web browser.
  • Step 1:Check if your device is connected to an active internet connection.
  • Step:2Force stop and restart the browser.
  • Step 3:Update the browser to the latest version.
  • Step 4:Turn off private browsing.
  • Step 5:Restart your mobile device.
  • Step 6:Clear your browser cookies and cache.
  • Step 7:Enable location services.
  • Step 8:Use a different web browser.
  • Step 9:Uninstall and reinstall your browser.

4. Emails Not Receiving in Yahoo Mail App

If you are not receiving emails in the Yahoo Mail App, then try to fix it with the below solution.

Update the App 

You need to update your Yahoo Mail app to the latest version to fix email issues.

Sign Back in to Connect 

If the connection is lost between your account and the app, you won't receive emails. You can sign out and sign in back.

Uninstall and Reinstall Yahoo Mail App

  • Step 1:This is the last thing to do when the above fixes don't work.
  • Step 2:Uninstall the app and install the latest version of the app that would possibly resolve the issue.
  • Step 3:However, Yahoo mail not receiving emails, you can contact us for remote assistance.

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