Yandex Mail Not Working


Yandex.Mail is one of the trusted free email service providers. Like other email services, this one allows you to send/receive emails and access your email account over the internet. It comes with cool email functions and some of them are:

  • Step 1:Message templates
  • Step 2:Reminders
  • Step 3:E-cards
  • Step 4:Keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Yandex.Mail is also easy to set up and use. However, many users have reported that “Yandex Mail Not Working”. If you’re also facing this issue, continue reading this page to know all the possible solutions to resolve it.

Resolving “Yandex.Mail not working”

There might be reasons for this issue to occur. But in most cases, a mail will stop working or responding under the following conditions:

  • Step 1:Your internet connection is poor or unstable
  • Step 2:You’re using an outdated or incompatible web browser
  • Step 3:The browser extension is blocking the connection
  • Step 4:There are compatibility issues

Checking the internet connection issue

  • Step 1:Generally, for an email service to respond quickly, your device (on which you’re using the email service) should be connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Step 2:As the first step of troubleshooting this mail issue, check to ensure that you’re using a stable internet connection on your computer/device.
  • Step 3:Switch to a Wi-Fi connection if necessary.

Using an updated web browser

  • Step 1:When you use an outdated browser to access your email account, it might take more than the usual time to load the page.
  • Step 2:So, check if your web browser is up-to-date.
  • Step 3:If not, update it and then access your account.

If Yandex Mail is not working again, perform the next solution.

Disabling the browser extensions

  • Step 1:Some extensions that are added to your web browser can also be the reason behind the “Yandex.Mail won’t work or open” issue.
  • Step 2:Temporarily disable the extensions added to your browser and then access your mail account.

Clearing the error

If you’re receiving an error message when sending a mail from your account, first clear it and then send the message. The troubleshooting solutions vary based on the error message or code displayed on the screen.

Error Message- The message can’t be sent

  • Step 1:Check the attachment size.
  • Step 2:If the attached file size is more than 25 MB, remove some attachments and then send the email.
  • Step 3:To send more files at a time, use “Yandex.Disk.” Upload all the files that you want to send to Yandex.Disk. After doing that, attach the files using the same.

Error code- 2

  • Step 1:Re-sign into your Yandex.Mail account.
  • Step 2:Clear the browser cache.

Contact us if you need advanced and real-time technical assistance in troubleshooting the “Yandex Mail Not Working” issue.

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