Zoho Books Error Codes

How To Fix Zoho Books Error Codes?

If you are not able to identify the Zoho Books error codes, then scroll down this page. In the below section, we’ve covered the causes and solutions to resolve Zoho Books error code 2 and 11016. Zoho Books is accounting software that can be accessed over the Internet. Using this software, you can manage all your finances. While working on any online application, it is quite common for an error to occur. Some users have encountered some errors with the Zoho Books application. Most of the Zoho Books errors are easy to resolve. On this screen, you’ll learn how to resolve the Zoho Books error code 2 and 11016.

Zoho Books Error Code 2

Some Zoho Books users have encountered the error code 2 along with a message. The format of the message is given below.

{ “code”:2, “message”: ”Invalid value passed for time_entry_ids” }

The above error is encountered by the users while creating invoice API calls using the currency and currency_id parameters. If you’re also encountering the same error, then check whether you’re using the currency_id parameter. If yes, remove it and use the Exchange rate parameter because Zoho Books doesn’t support the currency and currency_id parameters to make API calls.

Zoho Books Error Code 11016

The error code 11016 occurs when you enter the wrong account type for equity accounts, purchase accounts, sales account, etc., in the given fields. To resolve this error, enter the valid account type when prompted. The https status codes are used by Zoho Books to indicate the status of an API call. For example, if the status code is displayed as 2xx, then it means the API call has been made successfully. Some error codes that occur during the API call are listed below.400 - Bad request: When the parameter is missing or malformed, this code is displayed on the screen.

  • Step 1: 401 - Unauthorized: This error indicates the entered details are invalid.
  • Step 2: 403 - Forbidden: When a user of an organization doesn’t have enough permissions to access the resource, this error is displayed on the screen.
  • Step 3: 404 - URL not found: Invalid URL or the requested URL might be changed.
  • Step 4: 405 - Method not allowed: The requested resource is not supported by the Zoho Books HTTPS method.
  • Step 5: 406 - Not Acceptable: When the client type doesn’t support your requested response type, the error 406 is displayed on the screen.
  • Step 6: 429 - Too many requests: This error indicates the number of received requests is higher than the allowed ones.
  • Step 7: 500 - Server error: This indicates that the Zoho Books server has encountered an error while trying to fulfill the request.

To know more about the Zoho Books error codes, contact our technical experts.

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